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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


They tried hard - really hard, but Molly's team lost their game tonight.  All is not lost though, as Molly is pointing out to me right now. "We didn't lose, we got 2nd place!"  

And so they did!  They had a great season with much improvement from first to last game.  We had a great time watching her play and now that I know more about soccer, I actually can yell things from the sidelines that make sense :)

So, here is the EVAA second place girls' soccer team...

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  1. I am sorry that dad and I did not make it to Molly's last game. However, with Kathy and Ian arriving around five o'clock snd needing to be fed it was too hard to make it out there in time for the game we opted to stay home. Congratulation Molly on 2nd place. Love Mom


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