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Friday, November 16, 2012

The Mumford Depressing Scale

Molly and I were stuck alone in a car for hours today.  While we inched along in traffic, we used our time wisely and came up with The Mumford Depressing Scale (MDS).  We then proceeded to classify Mumford & Sons songs on the MDS scale.

Here's how it works -

A 1 means that is the most depressing song written by Mumford & Sons, a 20 means it is the least depressing (maybe even happy) song written by them.  A 12 is for all songs that start out sad, but end not so sad.  A 13 is for those that start out sad and finish happy.

Now, I need to be clear, we are only talking about lyrics.  Clearly there are peppy tunes with depressing lyrics and slow songs with happy lyrics.  We disregarded the music and rated them solely on lyrics.

Okay, here we go.  M & S songs from most depressing to least depressing -


  1. Liar
  2. I Gave You All
  3. Wretched Man
  4. Broken Crown
  5. White Blank Page
  6. Sister
  7. Where Are You Now
  8. Enemy
  9. Little Lion Man
  10. Dust Bowl Dance
  11. Reminder
  12. Babel, For Those Below, Holland Road, Home, Hopeless Wanderer, Lover's Eyes, Timshel, Winter Winds
  13. After the Storm, Below My Feet, Ghosts That We Knew, Hold On to What You Believe, I Will Wait, Lover of the Light, Roll Away Your Stone, Whispers in the Dark
  14. Where Is My Heart?
  15. Feel The Tide
  16. Sigh No More
  17. The Cave
  18. Banjolin Song
  19. Awake My Soul
  20. Not With Haste

We have now given you the ability to gauge your mood and determine which song you would like to listen to.  

If you're wallowing in sadness and have no desire to pick yourself up, go for numbers 1 through 11.  If you want to feel a little better, but need to crawl out of your pit slowly any of #12 should help.  Tired of being down in the dumps?  #13 is the answer.  Life's pretty good, smiling as you go and want to stay that way?  Fourteen through 20 will suit your needs just fine.


  1. wow! You have really performed a public service here! Well done. :)

  2. Thanks Barb. I will have to re-listen to some of these. Some of them do have lyrics and music that don't match for level of depression.

    1. Feel free to disagree with the placement of any of the songs. This was a cursory exercise, and highly subjective.


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