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Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Just Gotta Say Something

Sometimes, I just feel like I have to say something. Now is one of those times. I spoke to my mom today. She's in Alabama, enjoying their winter get-away. During the course of the conversation she told me that in Alabama tomorrow is not just considered Martin Luther King Day, it is also Robert E. Lee Day. Sure enough, I researched it and it is so. Now this bothers me some, but from my research I found out that Lee's birthday is indeed January 19th and some states celebrate both events on the same day. Personally, I find that somewhat offensive.

Now before you think that I am being overly sensitive, I need to mention something else to you. For my entire life, everywhere I've been, Presidents' Day, which is coming up in February, has been a day set aside to honor Presidents Washington and Lincoln. Washington's birthday is February 22 and Lincoln's is Feb. 12. You can imagine my shock a few years ago when I was in Alabama in February and discovered the Presidents' Day there is set aside to celebrate Presidents Washington and Jefferson.  What?  I almost fell over when I read that.  If that doesn't reek of racism, I don't know what does!  Now, I have nothing against Thomas Jefferson, but why the omission of Lincoln and the substitution of Jefferson (who by the way has a birthday in APRIL)?

Although I have strong opinions on most things, I do pretty well tolerating those with different beliefs, but that tolerance comes to a screeching halt when dealing with racism.  I won't tolerate it.  I cannot tolerate it.  For the sake of my children, I cannot tolerate it.


  1. Yikes. It's impossible to see those two things as anything but racist. I'm glad you said something, I had no idea that was going on. Thanks for speaking up.


  2. Barb, That is why I could never live in Alabama. I will visit for several months. However, if I lived here I would probably be run out of the state for my liberal views on such issues. Now I will throw another log on your fire. In todays Mobile Post-Register was an editorial titled "King, Lee brought honor to the south". I quote, "one fought valiantly for change and the other fought valiantly against change." And they are more proud of Lee. At least the editorial talked mainly of Lee. It is a good thing Alabama has beautiful beaches. Love, your rabele-rousing Mom

  3. Now wait...... WHAT!? I suppose I will not say anything bad about Mr. Lee or insult that people from southern states want to give him a day. But really!? There are plenty of Famous People that are honored on the day they died not on their date of birth. Couldn't they have done that? Really? Couldn't they!?
    And Lincoln! How could they just delete him from that!! I can sort of understand that back a couple decades ago but NOW?! it's not illegal to CHANGE that sorta thing!!!

    *deep breaths*

  4. Maggie,
    Unfortunately, there are still a lot of things that need a-changing! What your feeling is called righteous indignation. It's a good thing!

    Aunt Barb


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