"Anyone can have one kid. But going from one kid to two is like going from owning a dog to running a zoo." - P. J. O'Rourke

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Our little house project over here has meant that we have had workers in our house just about every day for the past four weeks.  Usually from 7:30 am to 4 pm.  I'm not a particularly private person (as you may have guessed), so this hasn't been too much of a problem.  

It was a little funny the other day though.  As I was folding laundry, I heard someone come in and say, "Hello?"  So, I went upstairs to see if someone needed me to do something.  Standing in my foyer was Jesus.  Okay, it wasn't really Jesus, it was the carpet guy, but he looked like Jesus.  He did!  I'm not kidding!

Anyway, one thing I've discovered about myself in the past four weeks is that I talk to the dogs... a lot....like all the time.  I constantly hold a dialogue with my four-footed children.  I ask them questions.  I tell them what I am going to do.  I tell them what the workers are doing.  I never noticed this before, but now that there are people in my house all the time, presumably listening to what I'm saying, I'm a little embarrassed.

I also talk to myself....a lot.  Probably when the dogs aren't around to talk to.  Sometimes, I'm actually talking to people....who have since wandered out of earshot, but often I'm just talking to myself.  I ask myself questions.  I talk about my day.  I also sing and dance when no one is around.

I told Chris about my discovery this morning, and he responded, "Yes, I knew that already!"


Maybe that's why I blog.  I can talk to myself and pretend that I'm talking to real people!


  1. "Maybe that's why I blog. I can talk to myself and pretend that I'm talking to real people!" ha! love it! Totally how I feel sometimes!

    Also, I talk to my dog too. We're both crazy. ;)

  2. I talk to myself all the time. Mutter, actually. My husband always says "I didn't hear you", and I have to explain that I was just talking to myself. Anyway, we are putting an addition on our house (somewhat similar to yours, I think?) late fall/early winter, so I am enjoying reading your blog and preparing for the chaos! Good to know Jesus might show up! :)

    1. Ha! Maybe he shows up at all additions...you know, once a carpenter, always a carpenter :-). You should come over and see what life is like here...just to know what you're Getting yourself into!


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