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Once again, I am fulfilling my duty of keeping you informed of all the important holidays and events of which you might otherwise be unaware.  Today, I introduce to you Brain Awareness Week (BAW)!  While some things only need a day of appreciation (like Christopher Columbus), apparently it will take a whole week for us to unite "families, schools, and communities in a worldwide celebration of the brain."  Yay Brain!!

If you are really ambitious and excited about BAW, you can make an educational video about the brain and enter a video contest in attempt to win cash, prizes and a trip to San Diego for Neuroscience 2013.  Science AND California - hard to go wrong there!

Okay, if you go out to the Society for Neuroscience website there is a plethora of fun things out there!  Ever heard of a Brain Bee?  Me neither!  But apparently it's sort of like a spelling bee....only different!   Oh!  And let's not forget the National Science Olympiad!  Oh my!

If you haven't already guessed, our topic for co-op science this week will be......the brain!  This is going to be FUN!

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