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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dear Blog Readers,

This is a post specifically for YOU.  You may not realize this, but periodically I take a little peek at where you live -not like your address or anything, but your city and country.  Don't worry, you won't find me peeking in your windows or anything.  I just like to see where people live who read my blog.  Most of my readers are family or friends, but there are some of you out there whom I do not know - that's kind of fun!

Anyway, I have a reader(s) in London.  It always makes me happy to see that you've checked in dear London-reader.  Why?  Because London is one of my favorite cities on the planet!  Since I can't be there, at least my blog can be there.  This makes me happy!

Apparently I have a reader in Croatia these days, and the Palestinian Territory.  How fun is that?!

I like to see my reader from Lewiston, MN because my mom taught in Lewiston when she had just graduated from college.  More fun!

So today, when I went to see where my readers were from, I noticed that someone visited from Nottingham.   Well, this made me beyond happy because it gave me an excuse to post this...

So, thank you dear Nottingham-reader for making me smile this evening!

****Btw, if you want to see where the readers of The Zoo hail from, you can click on the map at the bottom of the page.


  1. Hello from boring Apple Valley....there is no song about it as far as I know, but there is a famous blog writer who lives not far from here. :-)

    1. Awww, Sylvia, I appreciate you, too!! And all my other friends and family! I really do! I didn't mean to make you feel left out! Actually, though, dear Sylvia, when you view the blog it doesn't even show up as Apple Valley, but rather St. Paul, so not only don't we have a song written about us, we don't even get our own city on the map :-(

  2. I too am happy you have a blog reader in Nottingham!



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