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Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Was Warned

I can't say I wasn't warned because I was warned...repeatedly.  I was told that the sheetrock installation would be noisy and dusty.  Apparently I just wasn't up to it today though.  Good thing I didn't blog five hours ago!  It wouldn't have been pretty....but I've since recovered!

Now that I'm back in my happy place, I'll just say that I'm glad the noise is over...I wish the dust was over, but that won't be true until the taping and mudding is done.  On the bright side, the guys who installed it all worked really fast.  They did it all, including clean-up, in about four hours - ceilings, walls, upstairs and down, patching holes, the whole bit.  Fast, fast, fast.  The downside is that it was over the dinner hour.  Nothing like listening to screw guns while you chew!

But it's over now....I keep telling myself that, so I can stay in my happy place.  And I can stand around and look at my beautiful living room, all sheetrocked so nicely.  That keeps me in my happy place, as well.

Look!  It's a fireplace (soon)!  Now just imagine built in shelves and cabinets on each side....

The dining room...which will look much nicer when the floors are clean and redone...and there isn't a dog sleeping in the middle of the floor.

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