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Monday, September 10, 2012

Interesting Stats

I'm easily amused!  I did a little search to find out how people end up at my blog.  A majority of my readers are Facebook friends with me and come here from the links on Facebook.  I knew that already.

What I found interesting was what sort of Google searches people were doing to end up here.  Logically, six of the top ten were some sort of variation on Barb, Chris and Zoo.  That makes sense.  The sixth most common search was "Zoe and Raelea."  That makes sense, too.

It's the other three searches that I find amusing.

The third most common search that ends up at my blog is "dots candy."  Hmm, I think I've only done one blog post that involved Dots, but apparently that word produces a lot of blog traffic!

Number nine on the list was "mammoth wasp."  Here again, I only mentioned a mammoth wasp in one post!

And lastly, "fun hair nets."  Now granted, I may have blogged about hairnets more than once.  Actually, if you google "fun hair nets" my blog shows up fourth in the list of results! This leads me to believe there is not a lot out there on the internet regarding fun hair nets!

If you're thinking of starting your own blog, you might want to dedicate it to fun hair nets, as there appears to be dearth of blogs on this subject!

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