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Sunday, September 9, 2012


For only the second time in the many years that my blog has existed, I am allowing someone else to write a blog post!!  Shocking, I know.  The guest writer is my eldest sister, Kathy.  As I am a devoted fan of Mumford & Sons, she is an equally (or more) devoted fan of a band called Celtic Thunder.

Without further ado, here is her blog entry...

September 2012 is extra special 

The long awaited second Mumford and Sons CD is going to be released this month - Hurray. However, another long awaited CD will be released this month. Some of you may be familiar with Celtic Thunder.  One of their members, Keith Harkin, is finally releasing his solo CD. Keith is a talented singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Also, a very sweet person and not bad looking. Check him out.

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  1. Thanks Barb! He really is sweet. The last time we saw him at a "Meet and Greet", he remembered that Maggie had given him a picture she drew of him. He told her it was hanging in his kitchen. She was SO HAPPY.


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