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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Grocery Shopping

I do my grocery shopping on Saturday mornings - early. I don't like to waste much of my day at the grocery store and I REALLY don't like crowded stores, so I try to get there around 6:30. It's great. You have the store more or less to yourself, except for the people stocking the shelves. If you go any earlier than that the shelves aren't completely stocked yet and you might not be able to get everything, but by about 6:30 they are pretty geared up for the Saturday morning rush.

The other advantage to going early in the morning is that there was hardly anyone there to notice that I forgot to put my shoes on before I went shopping. It wasn't until the end of my trip through the store that I looked down and noticed that I still had my slippers on. No wonder my feet were so cozy and comfy this morning. Actually, I wasn't too self-conscious about this little blunder because just last week I saw a woman there who was in her pajamas - at least they sure looked like pajamas to me. Maybe she walked out the door and forgot to get dressed just like I forgot to put my shoes on. Let's just say that the folks that shop early in the morning aren't there for a fashion show :)


  1. That's hilarious. After toting all four of my kiddos to WinCo (big shopping store) a couple of times, going early on a Saturday sounds great. And even better if there are no fashonistas in there!

  2. Be forewarned, even though I go early in the morning I frequently have barely awake kiddos crawling out of bed and begging to come grocery shopping with me. The answer from Mom is usually, "No :)" When I do let one of them come with it doesn't go too well, because my ability to say no to requests seems to be somewhat hampered by the early hour. I think they know this and that's why they forgo sleep to come with me!

  3. My mental picture was of you barefoot in the grocery store. I was wondering how you could possibly NOT notice you had no shoes on. Glad you at least had slippers!

  4. I agree, early is the way to go!!


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