"Anyone can have one kid. But going from one kid to two is like going from owning a dog to running a zoo." - P. J. O'Rourke

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Big News

We have big news over here (no, we are not getting more kids - sorry to disappoint some of you). Chris is switching jobs...again. I shouldn't really say again since he has been at the Fed. for over five years; however, in our almost 18 years of marriage this will be his eighth job move. Actually, he's been at the Fed. loger than he has been at ANY other job. Early in our marriage this stressed me out a lot. I'm more of a get-a-job-and-stay-there-until-retirement type of person :) Now is only stresses me out a little :) Chris has always made very smart career moves and he is in demand in his field because of it.

So, anyway, back to the original announcement. Chris will be leaving the Fed. and starting his own business, Agilis Consulting. He has a gig lined up with Thomson Publishing starting in November. Ironically, he worked for Thomson about 15 years ago (when it was West Publishing). Despite the slight anxiety this move causes me, it will be a much shorter commute for Chris and that translates into more time with the family (which is always one of Chris's primary goals).

So, there you go, we are doing our best to help the economy by starting our own business. Next thing you know we're going to go out and buy a bunch of stocks....No one can say we didn't do our part :)


  1. Congrats Chris! See your family trips to the library pays off!Oh, Thomson will have to boot Jeff out.For others...Chris got Jeff a job at Thomson 13 years ago!Chris will have to say hi when he is there.Shaun Gray and Jeff eat lunch together most Wednesdays.There is a good number of people there Chris knows...Kevin Mixter,Jeff Cole,Ron Jaguer...

    And yes my first thought when I read big news was more children...so it was nice you explained!

  2. Awesome -- and very commendable that Chris is following his desire to have more time with the family while juggling a job. God will bless!!

  3. we will be praying for this and anxious to hear how everything's going!


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