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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What Are They Wearing?

Strange outfits around our house are really quite the norm. Sometimes it's from playing dress-up, sometimes not. Here is a smattering of the outfits we've seen in the past day or so.

First we have Aidan, looking oh so Ethiopian (if he could just lose the Longhorns hat). A special shout of thank you to my friend Jean who picked this up for Aidan while she was in Ethiopia last month. You see, I bought all the girls Ethiopian outfits while we were there, but I didn't think the boys would want any, so I didn't buy outfits for them. Oops! Aidan really wanted an outfit like Marcus's. I discovered that to buy an outfit like that here in the states it would cost well over $50 while you can pick one up in Ethiopia for about $12. Thankfully, sweet Jean was willing to get the outfit for Aidan while she was there picking up her new son.Well, this trio...I'm not quite sure what they are. I think Marcus is a knight defending a couple of fair maidens. We have a clash of cultures and ages going on there with the knight defending colonial girls, but that's okay...

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  1. Aiden looks GREAT in his traditional ET outfit!! Looks like he's got some room to grow, boys have such a tendency to do that!


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