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Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh, Happy Day!

Anyone that knows me well, knows that I am a tea fanatic (read addict).  I LOVE my tea and now that it is getting colder outside I have several cups a day.  I pretty much need a cup of tea with me at all times.  Anyway, my dear sweet husband (who also loves tea) bought me a hot water dispenser several years ago, but the thing stopped working several months ago.  Since then, I have actually had to wait for water to warm up on the stove top before I can steep my tea (Gasp).  Well, no longer!  Dear sweet hubby bought me a new hot water dispenser and installed it today (he had the day off), so here I sit sipping tea (green tea w/mandarin orange)and writing to you all.  To top it off, I made biscotti (blueberry chocolate chip) this weekend!  Tea & biscotti - it's like heaven on earth (okay, maybe not quite, I am sure heaven will be WAY better than tea and biscotti).

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  1. Tea and biscotti -- what a wonderful way to enjoy the day. I have the tea, but no biscottis. And I do think that you will have tea and biscottis in heaven along with other wonderful things!! Mom


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