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Monday, June 2, 2008

This is Getting Weird

Hamster update........

Okay, I have stopped posting every time the hamster escapes because, quite frankly, that's all this blog would be about - hamster escapes - hamster is caught - hamster escapes the very next day and so on and so on...

Anyway, I just can't figure it out now. I've locked all the hamster's doors tightly. Unless he can fit through an eighth inch opening, that hamster is NOT getting out through the doors! (he's not one of those little hamsters, he's a big guy). So, I saw him in his cage last night, I even taunted him, telling him there was no way he was going to escape now (yes, I talk to all my animals; no, they don't talk back, which may be why I talk to them!).

So, when I checked on him this morning he was GONE! That's what I get for taunting him, I guess. All the doors were shut on his cage, all the tubes were connected, but no hamster in sight! This is just getting downright weird and a little irritating...This is freaky! We have some sort of magical hamster on our hands.

The thought has crossed my mind that one of the kids is letting him out, but that would be very out of character for any of them. Then I wonder if one of the kids sleep walks and releases the hamster and that's just too plain weird to spend too much time thinking about! Then again, maybe the dog is in on the scam too, maybe she is letting him out. They do seem to be kind of buddy-buddy. I am seriously considering setting up a camera to find out how this guy is getting out. I think there's something paranormal going on around here.... (just kidding folks - about the paranormal stuff that is)


  1. Both the dog and a kid sleep walking seems logical.Now another posibility could be that there is a family of hamsters left behind from past owners of your home and they are helping your hamster to excape but he is not bright enough to stay hidden.Just maybe...Now it would be fun if you decide on the camera route to post it on your blog!I love that idea.My vote is on Snickers.

  2. Or another possibility could be that the Mom or Dad of the house might be sleepwalking:)

  3. Oh, that's even more freaky!!


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