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Saturday, June 28, 2008


Not your usual pick-a-pile today. It's been so long since I've done a pick-a-pile you all thought I had abandon the idea, didn't you? Well, I haven't, but I also haven't been picking up may piles lately either. Anyway, today I decided to organize my spice cupboard. Unfortunately, I did not take a before picture, so to fully appreciate the after picture you need to follow these instructions.

1) Close your eyes. Wait, open your eyes and read all the instructions first, then close your eyes.
2) Remember back to previous pick-a-piles you've seen on this blog.
3) Imagine what someone who has piles like that in plain site might be hiding in her spice cupboard. Imagine spices tumbling out willy nilly when I am looking for the, say, cardamom (I always want to spell that with an 'n' at the end)
4) Okay, now you are ready to open your eyes and see how nicely I've rearranged everything.Now isn't that special! We've lived here four years and that's the first time I've cleaned out that cupboard. Why is it that I am always confessing these embarrassing things to you all?


  1. Wonderful!

    Well, you know where we live, and I need some help, so if you have some spare time ..... can you come organize MY spice cabinet?!? :)

  2. Looks good Barb!Now I'm not sure what type of spice cardamom is.What type of food do you use it in?Hope you are feeling better!

  3. Kim,
    Well, it took me four years to get to my spice cupboard, so I guess I will be over to your place in 2012. See you then :)


  4. Tina,
    Cardamom - hmmm, the only thing I use it in is Ethiopian food, but I'm sure it is used in other things as well - just nothing I make!


  5. Very impressive, Barb. VERY impressive! Don't you love looking at it? And finding something so quickly when you need it?!

  6. Cardamom is also used in German Stollen bread which I bake at Christmas time. And I am sure other things. I cleaned out my spice cabinet earlier this spring, but you can come out to help with other cupboards -- only kidding, Love, Mom

  7. I took a Byerly's class once and learned that you can put in a whole cardamom pod (or whatever you call it) in the filter when you brew your coffee and it will give it an interesting flavor. But then, you don't brew coffee and they didn't mention tea, so that's really not a helpful tip, is it?

    Also, I am so embarrassed. You have picked way more piles than I have. Plus, the piles that I did pick I need to repick cuz they have repiled.

    Finally, Blackberry has been in the photo every time I've checked lately. Have you done something different?

  8. Linda,
    I do have some chai tea spice with cardamom in it. I really like the taste.

    Do not be embarrassed about the pick-a-pile situation. Soon, I will have pictures of the piles that were once vanquished on this very blog. They seem to have gathered force and come back!

    As for our dear Blackberry, we've got him all figured out now, much to his dismay. I've rubber banded shut his last escape route, so unless he bites through the rubber band (which he certainly could do) he's in there for good. I have to say, he looks a little depressed...



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