After 15 years of waiting, Evan finally has his own room!  This is big news around here!  You see, the only time that Evan had his own room was that brief three year period when he was an only child.  Since the arrival of siblings, he has had to share (just like all the other kids).

At first, it wasn't because we didn't have the bedroom space, it was a conscious decision on our part to have our children share rooms.  Personally, we believe it builds a lot of character :-)  But as the children started multiplying, we were forced to have the kids share because we really did NOT have the bedroom space.  Prior to this weekend, we had two bedrooms with three kids in them each and one bedroom with two kids.

To fully understand the awesomeness Evan is feeling at having his own room, you should also know that, not only did he share a room with his two brothers, their room had no door on it, and Evan's portion of the room also doubled as the play room.  So, not only did he have no room, he had no privacy!  It's been like that for the past 3 1/2 years and not once, literally not once, has he ever complained or even asked for his own room!  (I love that kid!)

Anyway, our basement has been in a bit of turmoil since the little water heater incident, so we decided that this might be the time to give Evan his own room; he is, after all, going to be 18 in just a month.  So, with a bit of chaos and an added dose of brawn, we managed to move the school room into the area Evan used to occupy and move Evan into his very own room!

Doesn't he look happy?


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