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Friday, March 5, 2010

Ooo, I Think I've Touched a Nerve

Well, well, well, I guess it should be no surprise to me that an internet service provider would monitor blogs. Apparently Charter Communications has an employee whose job is to find complaints that are going public and quickly deal with them. Here is the comment I found after my first post about Charter -

Hello Barb,
I am so sorry to hear you were not given the service you deserved. We would be happy to resolve any issues you have. Please send an e-mail with the Name, Address, and Phone Number on the account to Umatter2Charter@chartercom.com, and we get you taken care of.

Thanks, Eric

Eric Ketzer
Social Media Communications Manager
Charter Communications
Now, I will keep you all posted on my communications with Eric, but my real question is why did it take my complaining on a public forum to gain the attention of someone who could help me with my problem?

Perhaps it is because of this video by someone who had a complaint with United, Oh, how I wish I was as talented as this guy!


  1. Very interesting. I'm glad the consumer still has some kind of power!

  2. Jen, I would say that the consumer has more power than ever in this Internet age. That guy who wrote the song about United breaking his guitar had over 8 million hits on YouTube! He let 8 MILLION people know that "United breaks guitars!". That's sure better than writing a letter to your local newspaper!

    It is a little creepy though to know that these big companies are monitoring the Internet interactions. I'm sure they're not doing it to just improve customer service. They're trying to avoid 8 million people finding out that their customer service isn't what it should be :-)

    Wow, this Charter thing is going to provide me with all sorts of blog fodder.

  3. I think we are monitored more than we'd like to believe! It's scary to think they have access to all our private information and all our opinions and comments that we share with friends! Gives you something to think about!
    I had this same type of confrontation with Frontier a couple of years ago---I ended up having Mark deal with them because he's nicer (and calmer!)
    I'll be checking in to see how this progresses!


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