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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

By Request

Well, I've had a reader request a picture of my laundry room to go with my previous post :-(

Since, I have no shame and everyone from the next door neighbors to the piano instructor have already been marched through this scary room in my house, I don't see why I can't share it with my blog buddies and facebook friends...

Okay, here we go...deep breath...this is so humbling....the things I do to entertain you all...

On the left we have the necessary machines that belong in a laundry room, on the right is the long table with bins of CLEAN clothes, under the table we have the very messy bins of craft items, drying thingie
THen we have the shelves with many unfolded blankets, folded towels, paint shirts, sheets, etc. with a tottering pile of clothes on the top...oh, and some sewing paraphenalia as well...
And lastly, we have my beautiful daughter, Molly, with Starburst. The bunny cage is off to the right and above that is my greenhouse. Behind Molly is the elliptical machine with Mansfield Park on it (proof that I really have started exercising), then moving right we have an ironing board and the freezer with assorted ironing stuff on top. Above Molly's head we have the clothes line (which amazingly doesn't have three pairs of pants on it right now).
There you have it. I have nothing more to hide. This is indeed the messiest room in my house.

My poor husband, even though I don't have any shame, he has to see his messy rooms displayed for the world to see.

Btw, anonymous who requested this, at least let me know your name :-) I've just taken you on a tour of my very messy laundry room, it's the least you could do :-)


  1. Thank you for your pictures. It's nice to see normal family life in the laundry room. We recently had our home appraised for a refinance. Much to my chagrin the appraiser went through and took pictures of everything! Now my messy home is featured in my appraisal. Great! At least we're not trying to sell!

  2. Barb, you are a BRAVE woman. Now I hope "anonymous" will reveal her/himself!!

  3. Jean, brave or foolish. They both look about the same sometimes :-)

    Jen, I have a funny story to tell, but it will have to wait until I get on my computer because I'm sure not typing it onmy iPhone :-)

  4. Well, I must confess, I was the anonymous blog reader who asked Barb for the pictures. Her descriptions are good, but they just don't do the room justice!

    So, Barb, no need to apologize to me for posting the pictures--I asked for it!

    You're the BEST!!


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