Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Today, it is my pleasure to bestow praise upon a very worthy company. One that has gone above and beyond my expectations in the area of customer service and helpfulness. Today, I introduce you to Warner's Stellian. Those of you in the metro area are probably already familiar with them.

Let's take a little walk through our purchasing and delivery of our new (lovely) refrigerator. Chris & I spent quite some time picking out our new refrigerator on the show room floor. After you've looked at half a dozen stainless steel refrigerators, they all start to look the same. Finally, last Friday we decided upon a lovely 25.8 cubic foot, GE model. Free delivery was scheduled for today.

They called last night to let us know when they would be here.

I unpacked our old refrigerator.

They called this morning about an hour before they would arrive. Then the very friendly and helpful delivery men arrived and promptly informed me that he didn't think our new refrigerator would fit in the refrigerator opening in our kitchen. According to the dimensions listed on the outside of the box, the fridge was several inches too tall and about an inch too wide :-(

The delivery man Tony, I believe, and I sat and pondered the situation. We called Chris and pondered the situation. Finally, we decided that he should just bring the fridge back to the warehouse and we would have to figure out what to do.

I put all the food back in the old refrigerator.

As Chris and I discussed this dilemma further, we both felt like there must have been a mistake. Surely we would have noticed if the refrigerator was that big when we looked at it on the showroom floor. So, Chris came home from work a little early and off we went back to Warner's Stellian. We located the refrigerator with tape measure in hand. We measured, we read the label, we had not been mistaken. This refrigerator would indeed fit in our opening. For whatever reason, the measurements on the outside of the box were incorrect.

Off we went to see our sales rep, Chris. Chris, puzzled as we were by this dilemma, quickly got on the phone to the delivery dispatcher, who promptly contacted the delivery truck (which still has our fridge on it). We raced home and quickly empty the old refrigerator again and a half hour later Tony & Rick were back in our kitchen (very apologetic) removing the old fridge.

They removed the old fridge, installed the new one and got us all set up. They don't know why the box was marked wrong and it certainly wasn't their fault, but they were apologetic nonetheless. We thanked them for their very helpful service and sent them on their way.

There you have it, a fine example of how it should work.

It should be noted that we have purchased all of our appliances from the Warners for as long as I can remember and never, not once, have we had a bad experience with them.

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