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Sunday, March 7, 2010

All Is Well

Once again, a little public complaining goes a long way :-) I e-mailed Eric, my new friend at Charter Communications yesterday and promptly received this reply :

Hello Barb,

Thanks for taking the time to contact me. Our Process Management team is currently working on a solution for the issues with Autopay on the first bill. It is not uncommon for Autopay to take up to 30 days before it starts; however, we definitely need to prevent any penalties, such as collections notices, when customers are registered for Autopay. I will make sure this issue is addressed as the Process team works to improve our Autopay system.

What is the current state of the account? Are you still receiving notices? I can make them stop.
Were there other issues I can address for you?

Thanks again for your time...Eric

Now that is how a customer complaint should be handled. Eric has been a shining example of good customer service. The only question that remains is why did it take a public rant to get this sort of response? And why, oh why, were the customer service reps and supervisors so unwilling to go beyond their pre-printed script and actually provide service? I guess that will remain one of the great mysteries of our time.

Okay, I'm done with Charter posts now. I will move on to more pleasant topics :-)

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