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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Help For Leaking Bonbons - UPDATED

I have heard from so many of you that your Fudgy Bonbons are leaking, I decided to make a video to demonstrate the proper way to make leak-free Bonbons.

I know it's too late to save your Christmas cookies, but if you're like me and have stockpiled cherry cordial and mint truffle kisses, you can be making these tasty cookies all year long.

Btw, I'm thinking of starting a cooking program. What do you think? It could be on the comedy channel :-)


  1. Okay, sorry about posting without the video :-( Now you have the post and the video - enjoy!

  2. Oh, btw, do you like the bagpipe playing in the background?

  3. I just love the video! I realized how much I miss you. Blogs are good and all but to actually see and hear you is much better.

    Enjoy your weekend

  4. Tina, we'll have to get together soon!

    The video makes me laugh whenever I watch it - the kiss falling out the bottom of the cookie is a hoot and then Marcus popping in to take over for his inept mom...that's my life!

  5. Barb, that was truly funny. Thanks for posting it! Although I didn't have much trouble with leaky bonbons (and nobody complained about it if there were a couple!) It was fun to hear your voice too!

  6. Ah, Jean, I am glad to hear you didn't have any leaky bonbons :-) It is truly funny the number of people that contacted me, after I posted the recipe, with leaking problems.

    Now that you've actually seen a small part of our family in action, you know how truly strange we are :-)

  7. Oh my goodness! I love it! And I love your little helper. So cute. And the bagpipe playing in the background was perfect. I will have to give the fudgy bon-bons another go. Mine were yummy but leaky & not so aesthetically pleasing. :)

  8. I think you could have your own Cooking with Barb show---you handled every bump with great perfection!!! Thanks for the tips and for the yummy recipe! The bagpipes were awesome and Niko watched with me and said "hi Marcus!" What a wonderful life you have :)


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