I missed my blog-o-versary! Do you believe it??? On January 2 I had officially been blogging for two years. Any of you out there who have been reading from the beginning? Surely someone has read every single one of my blog posts....Okay, maybe just me...and my mom...

I also missed the date that I passed 40,000 visitors to my blog. As you can see, I'm falling down on this blog job left and right. 40,000 visitors. That's cool! Or maybe Mom & I have just visiting my blog 20,000 times each. That's probably a more likely scenario :-)

When I started my blog we had six kids, three (or maybe four) birds, a tank full of fish (and snails), a couple hamsters (I think) and a dog.

Since that time, we've added two kids, subtracted the birds, flushed the fish, had substitutions on the hamsters (a couple times over), got a rabbit, lost a rabbit, got two more rabbits and hung on to the dog (she's a keeper). Now you know why my blog is called The Zoo, which in case you haven't figured this out already, makes me the zookeeper.

Anyway, Happy Belated Blog-o-versary to me!


  1. Congratulations Barb! I have to sew I honestly have read ever blog post of yours for the past two years (probobly read each more than once). So between me, you, and your mom that would be about 13,333 visits to your blog each!
    Your blog is fun and very worth my time to read.


  2. I haven't missed a blog, but not 20,000 times!!!! How else would I keep up with everything that happens at your house. And I also check your face book that has basically the same information, but different responses. See you in a few weeks. Mom


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