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Monday, October 12, 2009

Wedding Weekend

Just a few weeks after our previous wedding weekend, we once again spent our weekend involved in wedding festivities. This time, it was Chris' brother Darren getting married. The wedding was beautiful and very fun and we are so happy to welcome Monica into the family.

The only down-side to the wedding is that all of my children were there and now they have been exposed to and become accustomed to fine dining, fancy hors d'oeuvres, and swanky bathrooms (they liked the bathrooms the best). I'm not sure that it is beneficial to teach a 3-year old how to eat sorbet out of a little dish :-) although she seemed to enjoy it immensely. She also enjoyed the toasts, where she could sip bubbling cider out of a fluted glass.

My pictures of the ceremony didn't turn out well, so you will have to put up with the few pictures I have...

Here's Darren and his lovely wife, Monica (who has the nicest family in the whole world)
Evan & Molly
They clean up pretty well.
Nina, entertaining herself while pictures are being taken.
Chris & two of his favorite girls (he cleans up nicely as well)
Evan & Me (I'm the one on the left, I know it's hard to tell sometimes).

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  1. Oh my! Chris' brother could be his twin! And yes, the kids (and Chris!) clean up well -- how awesome!!! (I haven't been checking blogs lately, but decided to visit YOURS! :) -- and I'm glad I did -- these pictures are great!)

    And, sorbet out of a little dish...sounds so refreshing!!


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