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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Now That's Funny

I'm on-line looking at kilts and I come across this website that sells them. Under their "Kilts In Stock" section I find this description
These are brand new kilts that we stock for those kilt emergencies that pop-up.

Now I don't know about you, but in my 43 years of life I have NEVER, no not even once, had a "kilt emergency," but if I do in the future I will know where to go to take care of that little problem.


  1. That'a because you never had to wear a kilt. Now Evan may have a kilt "emergency". Mom (from the cabin)

  2. Maybe there was a big scramble for kilts making Braveheart? The guy on the movie Faith Like Potatoes wore a kilt as well.

    There are some emergencies I suppose. An untimely spilled cup of coffee or something could do it. Question...do women who play bagpipes wear kilts as well? Or it bagpipe playing more of a male instrument...kind of like more women play the flute and more men play the tuba. I might be stereotyping.

    I hope your weekend is going well.Joyce was cleaning up a closet the other day and found one of the flowered tennis shoes I wore for my wedding. Remember those? My feet grew 2 1/2 sizes in the past 16 years. Just a random thought I was having.Nothing to do with kilts,though.

    Have a fun week.


  3. Tina,
    Ah, yes,I suppose kilt emergencies do happen, to who I don't know, but this website makes kilts for people like Sean Connery (maybe he has kilt emergencies).

    Anyway, yes, girls wear kilts too. Their are several female pipers in our band,but it is definitely primarily a male instrument. Probably because it take a large lung capacity and very well-developed diaphragm muscles to play it. There are actually different size bagpipe bags for different sized players, so most of the women opt for a smaller bag for their pipes.

    Your feet grew 2 1/2 sizes since your wedding? It might not have to do with kilts, but that's kind of funny also!

    Love you!



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