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Monday, July 13, 2009

Steers, Contracts & Dumpster Diving

What do these three things have in common?

Keep thinking, I'm sure you can come up with it.....

Okay, maybe not. These were all things that came up during my day today.

First, Aunt Judy called and told us that they had to "put down" one of their steers and they wanted to GIVE a quarter of the meat to us. How cool is that? Free beef! Unfortunately, that means I need to "clear a spot in our freezer for a LOT of beef in the next three weeks. I guess we'll be eating a lot of chicken in the meantime, since that's what's filling up my freezer right now. Maybe I'll have you all over for a barbeque or something :)

Second, contracts, as in employment contracts. Here's the deal. Chis is self-employed and he has been at the same company since last November. It was supposed to be a four month contract, but they keep extending him. This is a good thing. It's always a good thing to have money coming in. Finally, they extended him to the end of July and he is really looking forward to taking the month of August off. (I'mreally looking forward to him taking the month of August off) Although, it is a little hard to get excited about a month of no work when you don't know when you will get another contract, if you know what I mean. How can you enjoy four weeks of vacation if you have to be job hunting the whole time?

So, what should happen today? Chris' boss at Thomson tells him that they have enough money budgeted to continue his contract if he is interested. This is good! Here's the part that's really good. He told them that he has already made a bunch of plans for August, so if they are willing he would like to take August off and then start back up again in September. Lo and behold, they agreed to this, so now not only does Chris get the whole month off, he has a job waiting for him in September (all the way through the end of the year!). Yippee! Yeah, God! This whole self- employment thing in a recession is a HUGE step of faith.

Lastly, dumpster-diving. There's a pastime I haven't thought much about since, say, college (yes, Mom, I did do some dumpster diving in college). Evan started his driver's ed classes today. During one of their breaks one of the other students asked him if he wanted to go dumpster diving at the Hostess plant by the driving school. Wisely, my son said, "I think I'll pass." His new found "friend" did go though and I'm sure he had a few tasty snacks.

So, there you have it. You just NEVER know what a Monday will bring. I hope yours was as eventful as mine :)


  1. God is good to your family. CONGRATULATIONS to Chris on his job extension.

  2. Barb, wonderful news about Chris's job. And with the month of August off. Jim and Joy got home today and Jim spent much of his time at Ian's party talking to Mike Abts who is going into the Quetico toward the end of August. Mike wanted to know if I was going this year. You probably wondered why I changed the topic so abruply, but it all ties together. Made me think about BWCA.
    Next year, Love Mom

  3. A day of good news for your family!

    We never really got out of the dumpster diving days. Jeff would be all over the Hostess plant dumpster.No kidding. He would even be giving the boys a boost in. I am sure given a little time Evan will be a pro. Isn't it a college right of passage? I wonder what dumpsters in Scottland hold? Tasty!

  4. Tina,
    Evan says the dumpsters in Scotland hold haggis. I wouldn't eat the stuff fresh. I certainly wouldn't eat it out of a dumpster :)

  5. GOD IS SO GOOD! We are going to have a new wee grandbaby sometime in March!

  6. Tim & Trudy,
    I heard!! Congratulations to you and Josh & Cassandra :)

  7. What's kind of funny is this: When you mentioned dumpster diving, the first thought that came to my mind was the time I took 2 of my boys to a Hostess dumpster and dove in for a gigantic stack of boxes consisting of Twinkies, Cupcakes and other gooey things!


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