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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Now I Know

You should NEVER leave a two year old alone with a crayon.

So, anyone know how to get crayons marks off of carpeting??


  1. Here's what I found:

    Good luck!

  2. Oh no! Barb,you should see my walls and if my carpet wasn't dark I am positive I would have the same visable crayon evidence. Maybe try putting white paper over the crayon marks and then a hot iron to melt onto the paper? Not sure what that would do,but maybe it would work.

  3. Barb, the effectiveness of using a hot iron depends upon what the carpet is made of. I tried to remove candle wax from our basement carpet and now have a permanent burn.

    Coit says to treat crayon like wax: 1)apply dry cleaning solution and blot. 2) repeat until stain fades. 3) apply dish detergent solution. Blot again. 4)rinse with tap water and blot dry.

    It sounds like a lot of work since the drawings on your carpet are not only in one spot. Godd Luck, Mom

  4. That's to bad!!! Aimee K.

  5. Yes, Aimee, it is rather unfortunate :)

    Nice to see you here at my blog!


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