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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Scotland Here He Comes

Evan found out last night that he stands a good chance of going to Scotland with the bagpipe band in 2010.  The are going to the World Pipe Band Championships in Scotland and Evan would be elated to be able to go.  His pipe major gave the impression that he should be able to attend by then.  This would be a dream come true for my young lad.  He needs to be at least a Grade 4 piper by then  (grade 1 is the best, grade 5 is the beginners which is where he is at right now)  Let's just say that he is REALLY motivated with his practicing now!  It won't be long before you will be seeing a post of him in his kilt and all the other paraphernalia those bagpipers wear.


  1. Womderful news! He has done so well so far, ihe should be able to make the next grade before 2010. I suppose you would like to go along as a chaperone??? Mom

  2. Actually, Dad is going to go along and chaperone. (At least that's what I think!) :0)



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