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Friday, September 19, 2008

Freezer Surprise

I frequently save meals in my freezer. Anytime we have enough leftovers for another meal, I freeze it. Usually, I label the meal and put the date on it; however, sometimes I forget to label it or the tape falls off and then...we have freezer surprise! Since frozen food often loses any resemblance to its original look, it's anybody's guess what might be in that Tuppperware container. It makes dinner kind of an adventure:)

Well, today, I pulled out some meat from the freezer and I could not tell what kind of meat it was. Here's a pictureTell me, can you tell what kind of meat that is????

Well, I didn't think it was chicken and I was reasonably certain it wasn't beef, so that left pork. I thought it might be pork chops, so I pulled another package of pork chops out of the freezer and waited until it thawed.

Lo and behold, it was pork, just not the chop variety, so for dinner we had pork chops and pork ribs. All was well and our mystery dinner was devoured by all.

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