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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Sign!

After giving blood yesterday, I was sitting at Caribou replenishing my fluid supply with a mint mocha latte.  I was also monitoring the Gentlemen of the Road website to find out where my beloved Mumford & Sons would be holding their Stopover music festivals this year.  Coffee and Mumford & Sons, what a fine way to spend 45 minutes of my day...but I digress.

Anyway, when the digital clock on my laptop struck 2:30 CST, the announcement was made that the nearest Stopover to me was...wait for it....Oklahoma!  Oklahoma?  Why could it not be Minnesota, or at least Iowa or Wisconsin?  Even South Dakota would be closer!  Guthrie, Oklahoma is 10 1/2 hours away....

But!  But!  But I have a Mumford friend in Oklahoma...and other Mumford friends spread across the south....and a sister in St. Louis (only 7 hours and 20 minutes from Guthrie, OK)...

And then there was my coffee cup...

Soooooo, it looks like I'll be taking a little trip to Oklahoma come September.  Anyone want to join me?  You'll have to decide fast.  Tickets go no sale on Friday and they are sure to sell out the same day.

When I went on my first Middle-Age Moms' Road Trip I had no idea that this would become a yearly event.  But then, I had no idea that Mumford & Sons would stop doing concerts in Minnesota either (what's with that, any way?!)  So, I've seen them in Kansas City, MO and Dixon, IL, and this year it will be Guthrie, OK.  More memories, more friends, more fun!

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