Save The Date

April 6, 2013

Put it on your calendar, you have an appointment at 7:00 pm.  Actually, appointment is kind of boring and formal.  An opportunity?  A privilege?  A date!  Yes, you have a date.

A date with your sweetie.  A date with your friends.  A date to come over to MY house for a very special night.

Here's the scoop:  You know Ben Kyle?  Well, maybe you don't KNOW Ben, but if you read my blog you know about Ben because I periodically post his music here.  What does Ben Kyle have to do with April 6, you ask?  I'm so glad you asked that, btw!

Well, Mr. Kyle decided to do something fun and slightly unconventional.  He decided to do some concerts in people's living rooms.  He put a little request out on the glorious internet for volunteers.  Being one to jump at fun unconventional things (and now with a living room large enough to host a concert), I decided to contact Ben and volunteer our living room.  Lo and behold, Ben has agreed to do a little concert right here in OUR home.

The tentative date is April 6, 7:00-10:00.  More information is available here.  Our concert is not on the website yet, but I will post more information when I get it.  It will be a very special night with some very beautiful music, I promise!!

For those of you that aren't within driving distance of my home, he is doing these concerts around the US. Other locations include Decorah, IA; Chicago, IL; Grand Rapids, MI; Nashville, TN; Atlanta, GA; Gastonia, NC; and Philadelphia, PA.  More information here.

Get your calendars out right NOW!  Save the date!!


  1. Replies
    1. Come on up, Paula! What's a little drive for a great concert? :-)

  2. Very cool. Someday Elena would love a concert here at our house but more along the lines of Remedy Drive or Family Force 5. I think Ben Kyle is a little calmer, though. It looks like he stays in one place as he sings and does not feel the need to spontaniously cart wheels off a piano or wear Hulk gloves...

    1. Ha! Yes, we're starting off rather mellow :-). I hope this is the first of many concerts here! I'm recruiting another band but they're out of country ( and broke) so no success yet. Maybe a few years from now...


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