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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wrestling With This

I've never given wrestling much thought, except perhaps to tell my kids to take it outside before they break something.  Aside from my husband's high school wrestling experience and Evan's brief stint at wrestling when he was 6, I really have NO experience or knowledge of the sport.  I am certainly not passionate about wrestling.  But even I am a little befuddled at the Olympic Committee's decision to do away with wrestling in the Olympics.

I mean really, people!  Let's do away with one of the sports that has been around since the beginning of the Games.  Let's ignore a sport that people have been participating in for 9000 years.  Why?  To make way for such time-honored sports as...in-line skating!?  Really?!

Sometimes I just shake my head!


  1. What? That's just freaking wrong. Never been a wrestling fan, but come on... that's crazy.

  2. Have not heard that. Nolan is on the Waseca 7th grade wrestling team. It took some mental getting used-to on my part but not as hard as getting used to the boys in football. Nolan really enjoys wrestling. Ha Ha so I see you are not a young earth creationist?


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