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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Midde-aged Moms' Road Trip

Some things you outgrow and some things you just stop doing because your season of life changes.  The thing about changing seasons though is that they keep changing.  While taking a road trip with my girlfriends was out of the question for, say, 17 years, I am back in the season of life of being able to do such crazy things!

To celebrate this wonderful season, two of my dear friends and I are taking a road trip!!!  Now this isn't any old road trip, oh no!  This is a road trip with a purpose, albeit a rather shallow one.  Tami, Sylvia and I are going to Kansas City in June to....see Mumford & Sons in concert.  If M & S won't come to Minnesota, we will go to them!

Now, we are giddy as school girls to have a couple days of fun and frivolousness and you can live vicariously through us when the trip finally occurs, via this very blog!

A couple clarifications...it isn't totally a moms' trip as we are taking with us a couple appendages, namely Molly and Sylvia's son, Ben.  I REALLY don't think they know what they are getting themselves into in coming along with their moms on such a venture!  We are also meeting my sister, Kathy and her son and daughter in KC for the concert (they are traveling from St. Louis).  It is going to be a TOTAL blast!

A special thank you to our husbands - Chris, Mark & Rick without whom this trip would not be possible as we are leaving a total of 16 kids back home!!!!  You guys ROCK!!!!!


  1. What about Maggie and I?

  2. Sorry I didn't read far enough. :(

  3. Don't worry, Kathy, I haven't forgotten you :-). You're just coming from a different direction than the rest of us. Is Ian coming too? Will he still be up here or down in MO?

    I can't wait for June 3!

  4. Ian will not be attending the Kansas City concert> He got tickets to the St. Louis concert through Stubhub or something like that. The tickets are at an increased cost, but he has some friends (including Kelsey) who want to attend in St. Louis. Ian will be in St. Louis for the summer he did not get a coop job.

  5. Have fun! I forget what your standard road trip snack was back in the day. I remember Kelly M was Muddy Buddies. Where you trail mix?

  6. Oh no, Tina, I was/am more of an M & M or red licorice type of gal. Although now that we're older I'll probably bring fruit, veggies and hummus. Funny how things change! I just hate feeling yucky after a road trip these days.

  7. Ours was always Twizzlers and Sprees. Not any more. I'm looking forward to those carrots and humus. LOL! But we will FEEL SO GOOD while we are soaking in Mumford & Sons!!!


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