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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Let's Just See Pictures

I could go on and on and on about our time, but I think I'll just do a photo journey with you of the people who made our day a very special experience.

These our new friends Belle and Hillary.  We were used as an answer to Hillary's prayer, as she had prayed that she could get a ticket to the concert, and she happened to mention that to us.  Conveniently, we had an extra ticket which I sold to her :-)  

This would be Molly with Ted Dwane - the bass player and a VERY sweet, sweet young man.

This would be Marcus Mumford signing Molly's t-shirt.  He was very sweet, too, but in a hurry.

Marcus talking while signing Ben's shirt.
 Here is Maggie with Marcus. (are you sensing a trend here?)

Here is Ben Lovett signing Molly's t-shirt, with a water bottle in his mouth.

Water bottles and large quantities of water played an important role in our day!!  Beyond what you can imagine.  You cannot believe how hot it is down here!

Here is Ben cooling himself off with a cold water bottle - as you can see, we REALLY liked our water bottles!

Eventually (6:00 pm) we were let into the venue and we got THE best "seats" (there were no seats, this was a standing sort of concert)  We were front and center at the guardrail in front of the stage directly in the center.  I kid you not, we were in the very best spot!  See what I meant about learning a thing or two in 45 years?

Here is a what was behind us - 10,000 people...literally
  And at about 10:00 pm here is what was in front of us.  We spent most of our time facing forward! :-)

I have, quite literally 100's of other pictures that I will post on my Facebook page when I get home, but for now this will have to do.


  1. Ok! You have definitely got to come with us on our M&S adventure, bring your posse with you cause darling, if you were able to meet the boys, I'm hanging with you! LOL Sounds like a wonderful trip. Glad it was a safe one.

  2. Donna, lol! We did manage to meet them! It just took a little persistence and a lot of hours :-). They were great...incredibly sweet!


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