Back To Reality

Chris and I thoroughly enjoyed our weekend away at the cabin.  It's amazing how you get used to using an outhouse in subzero temperatures.  You also learn to use bathrooms in restaurants and stores whenever the opportunity arises!

The cabin took about three hours to warm up, but after that it was toasty warm the whole weekend.  It was a very relaxing, no-stress time.  Too relaxing for Mumford, who was bored silly!  She did enjoy a little running and playing on the lake, though.

One of the best parts of it just being Chris and me is that I didn't have to make nutritionally balanced meals at precise times.  Yes, indeed!  Being tied to children's eating schedules really wears me down!!

Now, no trip to the cabin is complete without a stop here...
where you can find the best ice cream/cheese!  If you're ever in Alpha, Wisconsin, you really should stop in to the Dairy.  You can thank me later!

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