Out With The Old

We celebrated New Year's Eve here in traditional fashion: hors d'oeuvres, games, movies and fun!  The three older kids weren't home, so we added three other kids to join in our little party.

They started off with a rousing game of Uno while the appetizers were baking.

The littles didn't get to stay up until midnight, but they drank their sparkling juice early, complete with a toast.

And since their older siblings had friends sleeping over, Marcus, Raelea and Zoe decided to have a "sleep-over" in the girls' room.

We killed an hour or so playing Hedbanz which, despite the silly head bands you have to wear, is a really fun game.

Apparently all of the holiday festivities have taken their toll on Aidan (and Mumford), as this is where I found him this evening.


  1. Happy New Years to a wonderful family!

    1. Thanks, Tina! I think of you every New Year's Eve :-). Did you run out the back door and in the front this year?

  2. Yes, we did Barb! Every year. I do not think the night would be complete with out it. We even had all 15 of our children home. I was so pleased. I am thinking this will be the last year with all of us as the kids get bigger so I was pretty
    melancholy about it all.


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