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Adenoids Are A Lot Like Lizard Tails

So many title options for this post!

Adenoids, indeed, are a lot like lizard tails, in that they can grow back once they are removed!  Who knew?  Apparently our ENT doctor knew, but who in the general population knew this?!

So, those of you that have known our family for a long time know that Aidan had many, many ear issues when he was young.  After two rounds of tubes and having his tonsils and adenoids removed, we went through an extended period of very few issues.  That extended period is apparently over, and he is back to having continuous fluid in his ears (not infected, just fluid build-up).  This has resulted in difficulties in hearing.

Anyway, back to the ENT we went today.  After a thorough exam and hearing check, the doc (whom we really like) declared that Aidan's adenoids had regrown and were, in his words, HUGE.

So soon, Aidan will be having another surgery to remove the resurrected adenoids, and probably have tubes reinserted in his ears.  He's not very happy about this prospect, not because of the surgery, but because he will need to wear ear protection when swimming.  When he was three he didn't really care about having to wear ear plugs and head band; ten years later it's a completely different story!

So now, you, like me, have learned something new today!

You're welcome!

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