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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Don't Forget!!!

I know that July 10 is still several weeks away, but I'm sure that every year the day just sneaks up on you, and then you have to hustle to prepare your celebration for Nikola Tesla Day!  I didn't want that to happen to you again this year, so I am reminding you - July 10th is just around the corner.



You don't celebrate Nikola Tesla Day every year???!!!

Well...you should!

Why? You might ask.  Well, I'll tell you.

You have Mr. Tesla to thank for many (most) modern electrical conveniences you enjoy every single day!  Now, I know that Thomas Edison gets all the credit for things like the light bulb, etc., but Edison would have gone nowhere without Tesla!  Edison believed that direct current (DC) was that way to go, but Tesla knew that alternating current (AC  - as in what we all have in our houses right now) was the only viable option.  Tesla was right - Edison....well...not so much so.

You may have learned in school that an Italian named Marconi was the inventor of the radio, but that isn't true!  Actually, Mr. Tesla invented it.

What else can we thank Mr. Tesla for?
  1. The first wireless remote control boat
  2. Fluorescent and neon lights 
  3. Wireless bulbs that were lit by energy from the earth
  4. AC motor
  5. Harnessing the hydroelectric power of Niagara Falls
  6. Was one of the first to develop ideas of robotics
Tesla was one of the best electrical engineers that ever live and one of the greatest inventors.  Well, why don't we learn about him then?  Frankly, he was a really lousy businessman and promoter.

So, if you haven't celebrated Nikola Tesla Day in the past, this is the year to begin!!  Every time you use something electric, you have him to thank.  Every time you use something with a motor (hair dryer, car, chain saw, etc), you have him to thank.  Every time you listen to the radio or enjoy wi-fi, you can thank Tesla.

Start planning your celebration now!  Do something electric! 

****Now you all know why I am the proud owner of a Nikola Tesla Trading Card!  Try to control your jealousy!******

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