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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Coach is Not First Class

Once again, I must come to my blog to draw attention to a company whose customer service is sub-par.  Surprisingly, today's poor service company is Coach, as in the handbag company.

Here's the story:

My sister owns a Coach bag (a gift from her very sweet husband).  She has had it a few years and the zipper has separated - as in, it doesn't stay shut.  Counting on Coach being a company that stands behind their product (like other companies mentioned here and here), Deb brought the bag into the Coach store and told them of the problem.  They took the bag and $20 and said they would send it in to get the zipper fixed.

All sounded like it was going well, but it was not so.  When Deb got the bag back (supposedly fixed), she opened and closed the zipper twice and the same problem occurred.  Deb went back into the Coach store, retold them of the problem and they sent the purse back to Coach once again.  This time, she received the broken purse back with a note saying that it could not be fixed, and a 40% off your next Coach purse coupon.  What??  They can't fix their own purse!  Really?

To make a really long and painful story short, after talking to several customer service reps (who were polite, but unhelpful) and one customer service supervisor (who was condescending and not helpful), Coach refused to either fix or replace the bag.

To top it off, my sister, totally exasperated by her experience with Coach, brought her bag into a local shoe store, where the gentleman said, the zipper itself doesn't need to be replaced, just the slider.  He is, right now, fixing it for about $20!  So, not only did Coach fail to fix the bag, but they totally failed to even properly identify the problem.

Over refusing to make a $20 repair, Coach has lost my sister, everyone in our family, and hopefully everyone who reads this blog, as future customers.  Readers, for the $198 cost of a Coach bag, you can buy SIX $30 bags.  They may not last as long, but combined they'll last longer than the Coach did!

The moral of the story is don't "fly" Coach if you're looking for first-class service!


  1. Did the shoe repair person get the zipper fixed? Maggie and I have had wonderful luck with the local shoe repairman here. He's amazing.

  2. Yes! The shoe repair man did a great job according to Deb! She now has her purse bag in usable condition....no thanks to Coach!


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