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Friday, December 3, 2010

When Does It Start?

The Christmas season, that is.

Ive been pondering this question this morning (okay, actually only for about the last five minutes).

You see, when I was growing up we were FORBIDDEN (!!!) to listen to Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving.  Also, Christmas lights MUST not be turned on (notice I did not say put up) until AFTER Thanksgiving.  So, what do I do the day after Thanksgiving?  Turn on the Christmas lights and music and put up all my decorations. Perhaps the day after Thanksgiving is the start of the Christmas season?

Or maybe, just maybe, Christmas starts when I get my first Christmas card in the mail which this year just happened to arrive on...the day after Thanksgiving. 

Maybe it starts on the first Sunday of Advent.  (last Sunday)

Perhaps it starts when I start baking Christmas cookies (always after Thanksgiving, but usually not the day after).  Perchance it starts tonight when I join my mom, sister-in-law, nieces, sister, and select daughters in a Ladies' Christmas Night Out )an annual occurrence that occurs the first Friday of Dec.)?  Maybe it starts tomorrow when we celebrate Christmas with Chris' side of the family (the first Sat. of Dec. every year)?  Or maybe it's when we cut down our Christmas tree, traditionally on Chris' birthday (15th), but this year on the 10th?

Oh, no, I just had another thought...when does the Easter season begin?  That one is easier for me.  Everyone knows it begins on Dec. 25, because for Jesus to die for us, first he had to come to earth and that we celebrate on Dec. 25.

And now you see how my mind works.  It's a scary thing to behold!

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