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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oh, Come On!

So, you know that nice little post I wrote on Tuesday about being thankful for expedited shipping?  Well, I'm not so thankful today.  Here is my tale of woe...

On Tuesday morning I ordered a "perfect" stocking stuffer for Evan from Half.com.  Seeing as Christmas was just a few days hence, I requested expedited shipping (by clicking the little button on the page).  On Wednesday (late afternoon) I get an email from from the seller that (OOPS!) they can't do expedited shipping on this item, so they canceled the order.  Now, when I went back out to Half.com, this seller no longer had this item listed, for expedited shipping or otherwise.  Strange.

Anyway, I found another seller on Half.com selling the same item for slightly more money.  I resigned myself that the item would NOT arrive by Christmas, so I just ordered it with regular shipping (expedited wasn't even offered).  Lo and behold, a few hours later I got an email from this new seller stating that (OOPS!) they really didn't have that item anymore.  Not quite sure how that happened, but oh well, we'll refund your money.

So, now I'm really unhappy!  What's a girl to do?  Well, I totally abandoned Half.com.  I've had enough of that sort of...stuff.  I found the item on Amazon for slightly more than the second one I tried to purchase (this is starting to be an expensive stocking stuffer).  I haven't gotten an emails telling me that this latest purchase has somehow gone wrong (like the horse ate it, or something), so I am ever so slightly hopeful that, some day, Evan will indeed get his stocking stuffer.

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