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Sunday, November 23, 2008

You Are Going To Be Jealous

You really are! Chris & I will have our 18th anniversary on Monday. To celebrate, our dear daughter Nina wanted to make us a very special dinner. So, she enlisted her Aunt Joy & Uncle Jim to help put on a wonderful dining experience for us last night. Now I know what you are probably picturing - a nice meal of, say, lasagna, a few sides and a dessert. WRONG!  

Here's the menu (click on it to enlarge it so you can read it better).

In case the print is too small for you to read, I will recap it here Appetizer - Creole Stuffed Shrimp, Salad - Spinach salad with feta cheese, dried cranberries, crumbled bacon, red onion and Vadalia dressing, Entree- Bacon wrapped filet mignon with Twice baked potatoes au gratin, asparagus and garlic ciabatta bread, Dessert - Creme brule.

Okay folks, this was, in all honesty, the best meal I have EVER tasted. It was incredible. It was amazing. It was close-your-eyes-and-savor-every-bite amazing! Now since you don't get to taste it (bummer for you), I will show you pictures that will make your mouth water.

And now, some miscellaneous pictures from the evening. 

 Here's the kitchen staff :)  Chef Nina, Sous Chef Jim and Kitchen Manager Joy

The Happy Couple

Auntie Joy spent the whole evening washing dishes from what I can tell.  Oh, and keeping the other kitchen staff in line.

We had the best waitress/chef ever!


  1. How very fun!Nina, the dinner looked great!Chris and Barb you both look very beautiful/handsome!Happy Anniversary!

  2. Tina,
    She'd love to do it for you and Jeff sometime, too. There's an idea- we could come down and babysit the kids while Nina creates a culinary masterpiece in your kitchen...

    Hmm, let us know when you want it.


  3. um, yeah, I'm thinking Nina needs to come to WI in January for our 16th anniversary!!! Way to go Nina!

  4. Wow! Great job Nina! Are you available for hire?

    Congratulations on your 18th wedding anniversary.

    Mark and Tami

  5. Sounds like Nina could have all sorts of jobs lined up!

  6. In June, we celebrate our 30th anniversary. Could we please hire Nina for a nice dinner for two!!

    Tim and Trudy

  7. AWESOME!!!! Happy Anniversary, Chris and Barb.

    Seriously, Nina should start some little cooking classes. charge something like $5.00 .... Nina leads the class with everyone following her with their supplies. People can take whatever the dish is home with them to bake/cook so as to make it a bit more manageable. I will be the FIRST on the list!!

    Creme brule -- I can hardly spell it, not to mention MAKE it. Nina -- you are a very gifted and wonderful young lady! The new Rachael Ray -- with more class! :)

  8. Yum and happy anniversary.

    Does Nina share her recipes (preferably with my children?!)

  9. Linda,
    she got the recipes from her Auntie Joy & Uncle Jim :) I know the creme brule came from the Better Homes & Garden Cookbook. Who knew such things were in there? Not I!


  10. Way to go Nina!!!

    Praise the Lord for 18 years Barb & Chris!!!


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