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Sunday, July 20, 2008

More Songs

I'm kind of in a music mood tonight, so here are two songs - quite different from one another, but with the same title "Who Am I?" The first one is by Casting Crowns - awesome song about who we are and who God is!

The next one is from the musical Les Miserables which is my all-time favorite musical. If you've never seen it, you should, but you can't right now, because I think they stopped touring (the Broadway production). Anyway, I'm wading through the book right now, but it's like a thousand pages and no music! Great story though about redemption, forgiveness and love versus legalistic following of the rules of God. On Friday night, Chris & I stayed up WAY too late watching videos of the songs from Les Mis. The talent of those singers is phenomenal! Oh, if I only had a fraction of that talent...

So, since this is from the middle of the story and some of you might not be familiar with the story, I'll fill you in. Jean Valjean, an ex-convict who has turned his life over to Jesus and has become an upstanding citizen, has found out that a man has been arrested because the police have mistaken him for Valjean. If the real Valjean says nothing, this other man will go to prison for life and the police will stop hunting for him(Valjean). He needs to decide if he will allow an innocent man to go to prison or if he will give up his own freedom.

Anyway, here is Who Am I? from Les MiserablesOne last note, if you want to hear this singer's vocal talents displayed even better, double click on the video link in the blog and find him singing Bring Him Home - it is incredible!

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