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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cooking in the Quetico

Although our meals were simple, they were VERY satisfying to our hungry bellies.  Thanks, Mom, for planning the meals and buying the food.  Since many of you don't do the wilderness camping thing, I thought I would share some pictures of what meal prep looks like without most conveniences of home...

Yes, folks, we ate steak while camping :)

When you don't have a table to make your pbj's a canoe paddle will do.

Omelets in a bag.  Who knew you could cook omelets in a bag?  And they were really tasty, too, when they FINALLY got cooked all the way through.

What camping trip would be complete without cheesecake (really, we had cheesecake!)?
And of course, dishes must be done.  After they were washed an put in the green dunk sack they were dunked in the lake to rinse them off.  I know that grosses some of you out which is why I tell you that :)  Remember though, we were drinking that lake water as well :)  It's really quite tasty!

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  1. Steak, Cheesecake -- were you REALLY at the Hilton, instead?! :)

    Awesome pictures -- it's fun to read about your adventure -- great memories! I hope to be strong like you and your mom and do stuff like this with my kiddos! :)


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