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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

You've Got To Be Kidding


we were going to go camping this weekend, but since the state of Minnesota has shut down, ALL of the state parks are closed (and apparently being vandalized).  This has resulted in ALL of the county parks/campgrounds filling up.  This then leaves us with private campgrounds as the only options.

This is where my beef comes in.  While the site cost for a private campground isn't too much more than a state park, you need to read the fine print; namely the extra fees they charge if you have more than 2 (yes, count them, 2) children.  Well, let's see how this works...

Site charge $33/night (that's not too bad)


Since we don't all fit in one tent or camper and you can only have one unit per site, we'll need two sites...

now we're up to $66/night.  Hmm, I might consider that, but that is only for 2 adults (apparently anyone over 12) and two kids per site.

Let's see, that leaves us with one extra adult and one extra child.  That will be an additional $8/night.  Now I'm up to $74/night....for a campsite (or two).  Compared to the $22/night at the state parks.  I'm sorry, folks, but why exactly do I need to pay extra for additional children?  It's not like the park is feeding them or clothing them or sending them to college.

Okay, so it doesn't look like we'll be going camping this weekend.  Bummer!  I sure hope the state of Minnesota gets its act together before our scheduled camping trip in August!


  1. Oh wait! We've found someplace that doesn't charge an arm and a leg! Now we just need to see if they have openings....

    Btw, Pioneer Campsite Resort (and Bible camp) in Wabasha.

  2. You could come camp in our backyard and go to places like Quarry Hill and even the zoo at Oxbow.


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