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Monday, July 4, 2011

What I Learned This Weekend

Hello, all!

What exactly did I learn this weekend?  I learned that it is possible to have a wonderful time at the cabin, even without electricity or running water!

How did I learn such a valuable lesson?  Well, it went something like this....

First, we saw this....

Then the power went out.  After several tense minutes, we then saw several things like this.....

After the rain stopped, night followed, and then Saturday which found "the men" doing this...

After the chainsaw stopped buzzing we had an exquisite  weekend doing this....

We stayed until mid-afternoon on Sunday and were still without power and thus, without water.  So, you see, it is possible to have a wonderful weekend at the cabin without running water or electricity assuming you have a few things:

1) An outhouse
2) Ice
3) A city park from which to get potable water
4) A grill
5) Gorgeous weather
6) A boat
7) A lake

Oh, one more thing I learned this weekend...you can make French toast on a grill :-)

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