"Anyone can have one kid. But going from one kid to two is like going from owning a dog to running a zoo." - P. J. O'Rourke

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's Not Too Late

To fill out my little survey, that is :-)  A rather poor showing on your part , folks.  Apparently my blog readers like to remain not only anonymous, but completely unknown.  That's okay.  It makes it kind of mysterious for me!

Anyway, while we're waiting for others to respond, I thought I would answer the question that have been posed to me so far.  Here we go...

1. What are you doing the rest of your life? How 'bout a date? ;-)
Well, I'm going to be living in blissful marriage...to you, you goofball!  
Sure, let's go on a date really, really soon!

2. If you could have any position in the world besides being an awesome wife and mom what would that be?
Independently wealthy comes to mind.  How about royalty?  I could get used to the traveling, adoration, and lovely accommodations.  No, if I had the talent (which I don't), I would love to be a musician.  In reality, when my stint as stay-at-home mom is over I plan on getting a job in customer service.  I think I'm gaining massive amounts of experience each day, so I will be infinitely qualified.

3. How many times a day do you listen to Mumford and Sons!
Oh, I like this question!  Define times.  Are we talking minutes/hours, songs, or some other measure?  Um, definitely every time I am in the car - with the radio very loud and the windows all rolled down - the very best way to listen to M & S!  I also sometimes listen when I exercise because then I can watch YouTube videos of them.  Let's see, I also listen to them when I'm cooking dinner, if there's not too much other noise in the house and if no one is with me...I can't take being interrupted while listening :-)

4. What does a "typical" day look like during the school year. How do you teach all of our children at once and still keep up with all the other things you have to do?
There are no typical days around here!  Every single one is a unique adventure.  I just never know what will happen once the natives get restless.  Okay, here's a rundown of the ideal day (which only exists in my mind).
5:30 I roll out of bed, shower, make muffins or something for the kids, read my Bible, pray with Chris
7:15 The first munchkins start appearing (we don't allow them out of their room until 7:15)
7:30 I wake up the rest of the kids
8:30 I do reading lessons with anyone learning to read
9:00 The rest of school starts - We start with the subjects that we all do together and then go down the line as far as which subjects are done with other people, finishing with the subjects that are done alone (really only math and writing)
1:00 I make lunch
2:00 room time for the kids (none of them nap anymore, but they do have to spend time in their room for everyone's sanity), I exercise for 30 minutes

School is done whenever the kids finish their work, I just make sure the stuff that I am involved with gets done first, so that I can get other things done, like laundry (M-W-F), making dinner, etc.  Housecleaning primarily gets done on Sat. with everyone chipping in to help.

There you have it, my only little dream world!  In reality I'm usually pulling my hair out trying to unload the washer while explaining algebra to a student who hates algebra.  Then I hang the clothes on the line while dealing with a massive sibling squabble. And I make lunch while making phone calls and correcting writing assignments.

5. How is Snickers doing?
Aw, thanks for asking!  She's doing well.  Her incision looks good and she is acting like her old self again.  It's a little hard to keep her on restricted activity when she is "feeling fine."  Her hair is starting to grow back, too.

6. I find snail mail harder to use now that there is cyper space, how about you?
I never used snail mail much, just ask my mom!  Or maybe this is Mom asking...I did just send my Dad his belated birthday gift in the mail because I keep forgetting to give it to him when I see him!

7. Favorite Movie?
Ugh, that's hard!  The one's that come to mind are the one's that I've seen recently. Let's see, how about I just list off some of the movies I like?  The Prestige, A Beautiful Mind, Inception, Pride & Prejudice, Braveheart, Mulan, Lord of the Rings, Schindler's List

That's all for now!  I'll give the old survey another day or so, and then I'll post the riveting results!  I'll clue you in though, apparently there is a shortage of male readers to my blog, or the men just don't like to take surveys!

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