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Friday, September 17, 2010

It's Viral

Wouldn't you know it!  Evan has had a fever for the last five days.  A high fever (104 when the ibuprofen wears off), so being the good mom that I am, I finally brought him in to the doctor tonight.  You know, just to rule out a few things, like pneumonia.  So, off we trudge to the local urgent care.  Two hours later, they have effectively ruled out strep and the flu and declared it is a viral respiratory infection which is probably nearing the end of its course.  There you have it.

My apologies to everyone at Normandale College and the entire Grade 3 band, for my son exposing you all to a viral respiratory infection.  Although he is indeed sick, he has pretty much done everything he usually does in a week.  I did insist that he not work this afternoon and I promptly tucked him into bed and told him to sleep, which he dutifully did.  Hopefully, his fever will be gone tomorrow so he doesn't infect the entire Renaissance Festival with the dreaded viral respiratory infection.

Btw, they told me if he still has a fever after ten days to bring him back in and they will test for mono :-)

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