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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Well, That Was Fun

If you weren't one of the forty people who spent last evening in our living room, I offer my condolences.  Here is a recap of the events.

After rearranging the furniture to turn our living room into a concert hall, Ben Kyle arrived around 6:45.  We introduced ourselves, and he got set up for the concert.  The guests started arriving around 7:00.  As instructed in the invite, they all brought tasty food-stuff to share with everyone.

We enjoyed an hour of socializing, and around 8:00 Ben started the concert.  He played songs from his solo album, as well as songs from his previous albums with Romantica.  About halfway through the 90 minute concert he started taking requests,which was quite fun and entertaining. 

My favorite part was hearing the stories behind the songs.  After he had left, I thought of about half a dozen songs I wish I had requested, some because I love the song, some because I really want to know what they're about. Oh well, there's always next time.....

I have a video to post, but YouTube is taking forrrrrrevvvvverrrrrr to upload it, so I will post it another time.

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