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Friday, July 27, 2012

Good To Know

$15/hour  - chauffeur's hourly wages

Just thought this would be good information to know, considering the amount of time I've spent in the car this week shuttling children hither and thither! Just on the off-chance that I begin charging for my services......

Actually, I HAVE instituted a new policy around here to "pay" for my chauffeur time.  Here's how it works: If I spend an hour of my time driving Social Child to go see a movie, then Social Child "owes" me an hour of their time, say to watch their younger siblings or make dinner or some such service.  These rates only apply when the driving serves no other purpose than to satisfy the recreational desires of Social Child.  So, if I drive SC to, say, work; no charge.  If I drive SC to flute lessons, no charge.  If I drive SC to go swimming with friend, full-charge!

I'm thinking this system will work out quite well :-)


  1. I haven't been able to comment for awhile, but I've still been reading. :)

    I think this is BRILLIANT! You need to pin your charge system to Pinterest! Truly brillant and fair in my book!

    1. Tricia, glad to hear you're still reading the blog :). I'm avoiding Pinterest like the plague because I KNOW I would get seriously addicted to it! My hubby might lockdown the computer if I find one more thing on it to suck my time! Feel free to pin it out there though :-)

    2. I'll have to pin it for you! and yes, you would get completely addicted! :)


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