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Thursday, July 12, 2012

For The Bucket List

I found another thing to add to my Bucket List.

Ragbrai!  Never heard of it?  Neither had I until two days ago, when I was reading this article in Midwest Living.  Apparently, Ragbrai is a 500 mile, week long, non-competitive bike ride across....wait for it....Iowa.

Now, you might be thinking this interests me because I just got a new bike, but in actuality, it interests me because it involves FOOD! 

"And with food stands waiting at the end of every corn row, riders may actually finish heavier than they started."

Biking AND food!  what more could one want for a week of fun?  Okay, I probably won't ever do the whole week (after all, 500 miles is a LONG way!), but you can register to just a day or two (approx. 68 miles each day). That, I think, would be very fun.

The original Ragbrai was in 1973.  How is it that I, living just one state away, was not aware of this for the past 40 years??  Apparently, it is the best kept secret in Iowa; although, the bike salesman at REI knew all about it.  I guess I just don't hang out in the right crowds to hear about such things.

And so it goes on the Bucket List.  I'm thinking I better do it sooner rather than later, since biking 68 miles in a day probably won't be something I'll want to do when I'm 86.  Maybe next year though.....


  1. Let's see Ted did this the year Cassandra was born. She was born in 1985, he was born in 1919. According to my math, I think you still have time!

  2. You never heard of it. Really? One of the guys I work with did it 25 years ago and again two years ago at the age 50. I'm sure with some training, you could do it!


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